The main purpose of this project is to satisfy the unmet needs of rural communities by using Ceylon Gate Travels' tourism system to provide unaffordable services to them. For example, certain parts of Sri Lanka are having trouble getting clean drinking water, and we're helping them out by giving a water filtration system. Our main concerns are schools and water issues. Most significantly, every one of our tours contributes to this initiative. It is an unforgettable life moment that practically all our guests’ treasure; as a result, we provide all our visitors with the option to visit certain places and participate with the community in need so that you can decide whether to give.


    The village of Ethabediwewa in Sri Lankas Trincomalee district, where agriculture, especially rice cultivation, is the main occupation and source of income. The shortage of water is a concern in these areas, as the nothern zone is the driest and far from the monsoon rains. The idea of spreading and fostering the exciting solidarity initiative of these members of ours, who, at the end of their stories from their summer trip to Sri Lanka, brought to their hearts the need for a water purifier for a small rural village they visited, which was warmly received by the group “Sub Tridente”. The farmers are now currently facilitated with a purification filter so that they can drink the water from the well. This was one of the great projects done by us with the support of donations of the “Sub Tridente” team. Thanks to this project, the villagers are able enjoy the lushness of clean and fresh water.