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The Ceylon Photography Tour in all its splendor starts off with an equally grand welcome after which the guests would be able to have some much needed rest at a luxurious hotel in Sigiriya. Then the artistic adventure of photography begins in Sigiriya accompanied by one of Sri Lanka’s most experienced guides specialized in photography and Master photographer, Franco Capellari accompanying tours from Italy. From there onwards a journey of “looking through the lens” is begun, moving on to Dambulla, Minneriya, watching elephant’s bathing near Sigiriya and on to a rural village to feel the rusticity of Sri Lanka. Taking on some real challenges with catamaran rides, going on safaris to the heart of the Sri Lankan wilderness, visiting tea plantations, going on train rides and then, departing from Galle on a final hearty and happy note.

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    Let your life start a new begining! An amazing island with wonderful experiences with nature, activities and diverse culture to make a shadow in your camara eye! Nature, Birds, Antiques, Historical monuments, beaches,temples and lust green tea plantaions, you name it we have it! Let you be together in a diferefnt world full of amazing experiences throught your stay!



    Do you like to have a walk into a Palace on a rock! Where there is a water garden, frescos, and a mirror wall! Built in the 4 century AD, another world heritage site. You will have a great opportunity capture the best ancient water gardens, mirror wall (except frescos) and many other emotions and interpretations in a panoramic view at the summit! Elephant Bathing Photography Near Sigiriya


    A cave declared as a temple in the 2 BC, with 153 Buddha statues, three statues of kings and four statues of gods and goddess inside! With 2100 sq meters of murals! On a stone cliff face. It is 200m above from the surroundings that you can walk up in 30 minutes. Another world heritage site declared by UNESCO in the year 1991.


    Capture the uncertainty! In a unique excitement in wildlife! Do you love, enjoying the elephant watching? the largest mammal on earth! Safari jeep will take you into the wilderness of Minneriya national park, if you visit during the month of August ‘The Great Gathering of Elephants is a lifetime experience! Best opportunity to observe elephant behavior, in 40 to 100 elephants in different locations of the park.



    Madirigiriya is a city located near Polonnaruwa with a historical temple. A unique temple structure in Sri Lanka, circular in shape with four entrance, built on stones and bricks. It has a protected shelter for both devotee and the elaborated carvings on a raised stone paved platform. Your camera will love it!


    During the day, you will get the opportunity to explore medieval capital of Sri Lanka- Pollonnaruwa. Have you ever heard of an Ocean inside the country? Then you are there in a reservoir built in the 11 century AD which is called “Ocean of the great king Parakaramabahu”! there after you can visit the ancient site on a guided cycle ride, which takes approximately 2 to 3 hours.


    Have you ever travelled in a bullock cart! If not, here you get the wonderful opportunity, not only that but also a real Sri Lankan meal with a demonstration inside a Cadjan hut by a village lady. Also please go to the link to learn more about the rural village development projects done by the Ceylon Gate Travels! It is a community service for a sustainable tourism concept, that we value most in our mission.


    Another wonderful photo capture in the lagoon! Catamaran is an old fishing boat made by two floating logs bound together. It has no fuel engine. Operated manually by the fisherman.


    The most important temple for the Buddhist all over the world! Mainly for the left canine tooth of Buddha is placed inside a seventh golden casket! Further you can experience the pilgrims who come in white dress and the way of worship! It is a great cultural experience of its kind!



    One of the most beautiful train rides in the world, 65 km ride with around 2.5 to 3 hours. You can witness some picturesque cascades, waterfalls, lush tea plantations and tea pickers on mountain tops in misty cool climate. Tea Plantation, Tea Pluckers, Vegitable Market



    The coldest city in Sri Lanka is Nuwara Eliya, average temperature is of 20.2 C annually. Its popular as little England due to the climate, and building architecture of British style, that was built during the colonial period of the country in 19 AD.


    The second largest national park in Sri Lanka covering 979 square Km of which consist of 5 blocks that contain thorny forests, grasslands, sandy beach, dry and moist monsoon forests, and marine wetlands. You are so lucky to have the opportunity to observe 7 endemic birds out of 215 bird species that are found in this park. ashy-headed babbler (Garrulax cinereifrons), Sri Lanka white-headed starling (Sturnus senex), Sri Lanka wood pigeon (Columba torringtoni), green-billed Coucal (Centropus chlororrhynchus) and Sri Lanka broad-billed roller (Eurystomus orientalis irisi). It does play an important role in protecting Sri Lankan Leopard (Panthera pardus), the highest density in the world, endemic purple-faced Langur (Presbytis senex), elephants, sloth bear, wild water buffalo and alligators.

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    Another world heritage site where you find European architecture in Asian culture, built by Portuguese, expanded by Dutch and British between 15 to 19 AD. It is historical, archeological, and architectural living heritage today.


    Returning you by way of a scenic drive to the international airport for your departing flight and a safe journey home.