All foreign nationals need to apply for Visa; therefore, it is the responsibility of the traveller. As the information is regularly updated, please visit the site Your consultant with whom you book the tour will direct you with more information, therefore please be familiar with updated requirements in this process.

Travel Journey

If the tour you intend to book has got the train journey. It is a must to send the passport details at the time of booking to purchase the train ticket.


Please note that the traveller needs to be aware of the required physical fitness depending on the tour itinerary. Kindly read through the details in full and make sure to carry the personal medication with you and necessary first aid kit in your hand luggage.
Insect repellents are mandatory to avoid mosquito-borne illness. You may need to protect yourself during the day and night, specially at dawn and dusk. If any special requirements needed, please inform well in advance.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is required for your own safety, therefore update your Insurance Policy, including medical expenses, repatriation, altitude limits and loss of luggage. Kindly inform the tour manager the insurance policy number and the updated emergency contact numbers.


As the climate in Sri Lanka is tropical and winter season is not expected, more light weight clothing and less warming clothes would be required. In the hill country you may need clothes like waterproof jackets.

Temple dress

If you visit the temples and other religious sites, the dress must cover shoulders and knees. When entering a such places, hats and shoes must be removed, and it is also advised to carry your own pair of socks to protect your feet as the floor can be rough at hot at certain places.


Depends on the tour you have selected, but in general, lightweight shoes or sandals are recommended, if you select a hiking tour in hill country consider taking leech socks with you.


The most common rainy weather depends on the monsoon seasons. The Northeast monsoon is from December to March, the Southwest monsoon is from May to October. Higher temperature is expected in coastal areas all around Sri Lanka. Approximately 30oC. Colder climate is expected in hill country between 26oC to 29oC. However occasionally there can be floods and landslides, and rerouting to certain destinations could be possible.


Sri Lankan food is fantastic, despite the fact that it is spicy. Since only some of the dishes are spicy, they can be balanced according to the menu style chosen.


Ceylon Gate Travels will provide drinking water in an environmentally friendly way.


Extra battery and earphones are recommended. Although the accommodation has charging facilities better to carry your portable charger with you. WIFI is available in majority of the hotels and camping sites and Ceylon Gate Travels offer you free WIFI facility in all vehicles.


No photographs are allowed posing Buddha images. It is considered most disrespectful, and it is advised not to wear clothes, tattoos or jewellery that includes Buddha image.

SIM Card

Ceylon Gate Travels will provide all clients with SIM cards. To access the SIM card, you must provide a copy of your passport while booking the trip.


The main power supply is 220 V and flat blade socket is the approved standard. We advise you to have suitable universal adapters.


LKR (Sri Lankan Rupee) is the currency used in Sri Lanka. For exchanging foreign currencies, Banks and Money exchange agents are available in main cities including the airport.

Credit cards and Debit cards

Cards are accepted in most of the restaurants, shops, and hotels. It is advised to keep your banks informed about the country you travel and the number of days you are out of your country.


ATMs are available in major cities island wide.

Local crew

If you are satisfied with the service and managing the tour by your tour guide, at your discretion consider the tipping, including the driver and the assistant.

Porters and Stewards

Suggested for restaurants, 10-15% from the bill at your discretion. For porters $1, or a considerable amount that you wish to tip.


You also can discuss with the tour guide and agree for a group tipping Kitty at the beginning of the tour, so that you can avoid the hassle of how and what to tip each time after any activity or service provided to you. Tour guide will maintain a record and the balance will be informed to you at any time.